?Over the years I have had the opportunity to sell homes to many snow birds and part-time residents. A concern when buying a home was frequently the disadvantage of leaving an empty, unattended home.
With this in mind I began a 'care taking' or 'check-in service' for absentee owners.
I visit the home either monthly or every two weeks to make sure there have been no untoward happenings in the owners absence. I do a walk through check around the home and make sure the A/C is working as set, no leaks etc etc. 
An additional benefit, besides peace of mind to the property owner, is usually a discount on the homeowners insurance. 
If there have been any breakdowns, leaks or issues I quickly communicate with the homeowner and when requested will arrange for service or repair personnel to fix the problem. 
My fees for this service vary, starting at $20 per visit,  and currently are for areas to the west of US 19 in Clearwater, Dunedin and Palm Harbor. 
Please give me a call to discuss your needs and I'll be happy to chat!